That Big Shop

Sep 22, 2009

I've always found shopping at Amazon a bit of a cumbersome experience. The pages seem a little cluttered and when choosing between products there's lots of back-and-forth as you switch between search results and product detail.

So I thought I'd make use of the Amazon Product Advertising API and write my own interface. The result is That Big Shop1. It's not old browser or search engine friendly but it does, I think, have a more responsive feel to it than the standard Amazon interface.

To create the site, I choose to use the Cappuccino framework and I'm glad I did. The painful part of writing web applications is getting them to look and work the same across browsers. With Cappuccino I didn't need to worry about that; as long as I coded to the framework API, Cappuccino would take care of rendering what I wanted consistently across browsers.

  1. UPDATE: That Big Shop has now been retired.