Value of professional socialising through coworking

Apr 1, 2020

In the space of software and tech development, most of the work is team driven.

However, what ends up happening in such teams is an overload of people with similar skills. This over similarity of skill is not only limiting in its own right but hinders the possibility of collaborations and inspiration in general.

Even on an individual level, there are limits to how much you can learn on your own or even by surrounding yourself by similar people.

Therefore, at least once in a while, it is useful to get out of our comfort zone and try something new.

One such refreshing way of pushing your boundaries is coworking.

My coworking experience

I have been active on the coworking front since 2018.

During this time, I have met some interesting people, worked on projects that I would have never heard of, and had many beers!

Not only have I met and worked with different people, but these people are also mostly not from a strictly software or even out and out tech background.

The collaborations

Edward, actually the founder of coworking in Leicester, comes from an AR background, specialising in garden buildings.

With a little time spent together, we have been able to improve the platform that he uses, both from the angle of minimising bugs and improving the user experience.

And, this has only been possible through the collaboration where I got to learn about a new industry, with valuable commercial exposure.

Similarly, I know of businesses that have come out of coworking. For example, Marketing Voice is an SEO agency that started in Leicester but has now extended the scope of their services to Birmingham and even London, ranking among the top 10 in all 3 of the mentioned locations. On this front, Harmeet comes from a property management background while Taseer is a university lecturer in strategic management and marketing. These two would have never met and built a business without the helping hand of the coworking hub. Now, they are also establishing an accounting business, currently extending from Leicester to Birmingham.

The bottomline

Most of us, whether entrepreneurs or software and tech developers, are problem solvers.

And, in an isolated world, we will not even realise the problems that we can solve, let alone work on them. Coworking Hub provides the right ingredients to make this possible: time, social interaction, and trust building.

Check how you can get involved by visiting the Coworking Hub website.